At the service of the land and of our fellow citizens, we have created this society to truly bring more to our world.
We are for smart marketing and truly environmentally friendly.
Find real good solutions and promote them

VPC  composed of engineer, commercial and marketer passionate about ecology and technology.

Welcome to tecology 3.0

Notre engeagment

We are committed to defending our planet, to applying sustainable technologies. Durable = reliable and time-consuming

A lot of talk and little change
A lot of marketing and little innovative technique

why continue?


VPC is a company with a long experience in CRM.
For 12 years, we have been supporting multisector companies in their optimization of their ordering, production and web processes.
Our strength is experience in the areas of mail order, ecommerce, and customer service.
Our specialty is CRM management, ERP of company in commerce, ecommerce
Our technology is built around the web and applications.
Because we believe that an optimization of the chain of command and production is compatible with a reduction of the energetic impact.
Ecology is like quality: everyone is consern



VPC for are site postalstockexchange.com just received an AWARDS 2019 innovation BENELUX AWARDS for MOST INNOVATIVE PARCELS & POSTAGE BUSINESS 2019 Thank you to all the development team, but also to our very inventive client. We continue to innovate in this market, and we intend to develop the business of our customer.

Vue.js and Laravel

Vue.js (also called simply View), is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces. The library is used by Adobe, Alibaba and Gitlab4. Laravel is certainly one of the best current PHP frameworks. But when you develop an application you will also find yourself with the problem of the frontend and the multitude of …



We are open to all collaborations in the fields of sustainable ecology.

Everything is possible with us.