VPC for are site just received an AWARDS 2019 innovation



Thank you to all the development team, but also to our very inventive client.

We continue to innovate in this market, and we intend to develop the business of our customer.

Vue.js and Laravel

Vue.js (also called simply View), is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces.

The library is used by Adobe, Alibaba and Gitlab4.

Laravel is certainly one of the best current PHP frameworks. But when you develop an application you will also find yourself with the problem of the frontend and the multitude of solutions that exist to manage it. Regarding Javascript libraries it’s really embarrassing choice with flags like jQuery or Angular.

I discovered Vue.js thanks to the site Laracast which devotes many videos to him.

In a few clicks, you make interactive pages, in object
It is incredibly simple … I advise you


Delivery of a production statistics assembly for a multichannel sales company.
Optimization of stocks over the long term
Follow-up of marketing operations
Centralization of data
Standardization of logistics

Laravel – The PHP Framework For us

Finally a framework that suits us
We learned, and switch all our projects on this new framework.
A framework like laravel allows us to quickly develop custom software in our fields.
It encompasses a new approach and object assembly that allows us to build software like houses.

Call center

Websites directly linked to call centers are rare. But this connection makes it possible to have a customer service that is efficient, close to customers, and above all a generator of operation marketing.

The links between website and Call Center are interesting and especially very rare.

Aideminute allows this link, and above all provides secretarial services.

Asterisk and Apache are related to this project


Nowadays, we can not do without mobile, and smartphone.
Smartphone applications or web responsive are essential.
No more web projects are launched without this important data

We have done several projects, where the web joins smartphones. Sites are simpler, faster, and mobile in appearance.

The future of the web passes smartphones


The performance of a marketing operation is essential to make money.
Real-time data is therefore important for taking decisions. An ERP is there to centralize and help decision-makers.