The stock is not a current data, it is a living data.

There is a history, current stock, and future stock valuation
The stock is the data very difficult to treat by a company without the help of an ERP

Indian Ocean Commission

Websites compiling thousands of information, with hundreds of copywriter providing services to users.
The Indian Ocean Commission has entrusted us with a mission of this type in ecology.
It was a revelation for our society, so we can contribute to the effort that every one of us has to make for our planet

VPC Direct Service

VPC is a company with a long experience in CRM. For 12 years, we have been supporting multisector companies in their optimization of their ordering, production and web processes.
Our strength is experience in the areas of mail order, ecommerce, and customer service.

VPC  composed of engineer, commercial and marketer passionate about ecology.
Welcome to ecology 3.0